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In the glamorous world of exquisite jewelry, Prosper is an emerging name constantly being associated with beautiful designs and well cut gemstones. Established in 1990, Mr. Narongsak Rojanasakul envisioned a highly competent organization capable of delivering fine gold and silver jewels with a professional touch.

Located in vibrant Bangkok with a dedicated workforce of 150+ skilled artisans, the company enjoys complete in house manufacturing facilities, specialized gem cutting under one roof forms a backbone for the enthralling jewelries created by Prosper.

More than 80% of productions are exported to Europe and America. In addition to the excellent collections available, clients own designs are also accepted for production. Any design can be accomplished because of the self-reliant setup of the company.

Prompt delivery and quality consciousness are the core characters of Prosper. No compromises or excuse at anytime. Knowing the value of repeat orders, the customer’s satisfaction is the ultimate agenda of the Prosper philosophy.

Hot Vote 2005 Vol.2, TOP THREE FAVORITE DESIGNS, 35th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. ( Pool Table Set )

Hot Vote 2006 Vol.1, TOP THREE FAVORITE DESIGNS, 36th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair.
( Red Ann on the Mango Set )

Hot Vote 2008 Vol.1, TOP THREE FAVORITE DESIGNS, 40th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. ( Thai Music Instrument )

But the unpublicized awards by truly satisfied clients are many. Prosper invites you to appreciate!

Welcome to the world of beauty, the world of Prosper, the professional jeweler.

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